Guest house rules

Internal Work Rules

  1. The time of arrival to the guesthouse is from 14:00. If you plan to arrive after 5:00 p.m., please always inform guesthouse administration about your late arrival, mob. tel. +370 616 9988; +370 687 89988. It would be good that administration would always be informed by these telephone numbers in advance. Twenty four hours in the guesthouse is considered to be from 12:00 of the day of arrival to 12:00 of the next day. Time spent until 12:00 on the day of arrival or the following day after 12:00 is considered to be additional twenty four hours in the guesthouse. Working hours of the authorities are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.;
  2. Having arrived at the guesthouse, all the price for the chosen room is paid. Breakfast is to be ordered during check-in, since one has to pay for them. At the same time all the additional services are ordered and paid. Having not stayed all the set or arranged time in the guesthouse, administration does not give back part of fee for unused time. Also, money for ordered additional services that were not used due to wish or thought of a guest is not given back;
  3. One has to check out of the guesthouse until 12:00. Please contact administration directly regarding possibilities of later departure or leaving luggage;
  4. Reserving rooms on the Internet or in any other way, all the price for staying in a chosen room is paid. Money is not given back in case one does not arrive at the time arranged;
  5. Staying in a room, please check all the things in it. Immediately inform administration about non-functioning or damaged things. Guests are materially responsible for all the real estate and realty in the guesthouse or its territory damaged or destroyed because of their fault or incautiousness. One pays for damaged things or other tangibles at once;
  6. A strongbox is equipped in the guesthouse for keeping personal item. Administration is not responsible for personal items left in the guesthouse;
  7. Arriving at the guesthouse and possessing a gun, it is necessary to inform guesthouse administration, as well as to show permission for possessing and transporting such a gun;
  8. It is necessary to use electrical gadgets in a right way, not to allow children to use them. Do not leave switched on electrical gadgets unattended. It is prohibited to use electrical gadgets brought, the voltage of which exceeds 150W;
  9. It is prohibited to cook food in the rooms;
  10. One must not smoke in the rooms of the guesthouse. Smoking is only allowed in certain spaces;
  11. It is prohibited to bring pets to the guesthouse;
  12. Only the number of people indicated in the guest card during check in can live in a room without additional payment. People can visit rooms no longer than 3 (three) hours without additional payment. In this case a person having booked the room is responsible for the loss made by these people;
  13. It is prohibited to listen to loud music, make noise or cause inconveniences in any other way to other visitors of the guesthouse;
  14. .Parents or other attending (fostering) people are responsible for the behaviour and safety of their children. If loss appeared in the guesthouse due to the actions of minors, parents or foster-parents are to pay for it;
  15. It is strictly forbidden to go the horses in the territory near the guesthouse without an employee of the company or accompanying personnel, as well as to touch them or feed;
  16. It is obligatory to follow fire precautions and safety requirements. In case of emergency immediately call emergency telephone number 112 and inform administration at telephone numbers +370 616 9988; +370 687 89988. Police, fire-engine and ambulance can be called at 112. First-aid kit is in the reception;
  17. Guesthouse administration has a right to demand the guests, who do not follow and violently infringe internal work rules of the Guesthouse “KAMANOS”, to leave the guesthouse before the term set and demand to pay for the loss experienced.

These rules are written to ensure quiet and safe rest for you.

We wish you calm and pleasant rest! You are always welcome!

Administration has a right to ask people, who infringe the rules of using a bathhouse, to leave the premises of the bathhouse before the time set and cancel providing of services.

We wish you a pleasant and calm rest! You are always welcome!


Guesthouse administration


The Rules of Using the Premises of the Bathhouse


  1. These rules are applied to every visitor and every visitor has to follow the requirements specified in these rules;
  2. Having arrived at the premises of the bathhouse at the time arranged, one pays for it according to the tariffs specified at once;
  3. Having not stayed in the premises of the bathhouse for the time arranged or specified, guesthouse administration does not give the part of fee for unused time;
  4. Making reservation of the premises of the bathhouse in advance, all the fixed fee is paid;
  5. Administration is not responsible for the safety of personal possessions, money and documents left by the guests in the premises of the changing-rooms of the bathhouse;
  6. Going to the premises of the bathhouse, it is recommended to have a towel, swimming-suit, headwear, rubber flip-flops and washing kit;
  7. It is obligatory to cover the chairs and plank-beds with a towel under the whole body in the premises of evaporation.
  8. It is obligatory to have a shower with means for washing before entering the premises of evaporation;
  9. It is prohibited to enter the premises of evaporation with rubber flip-flops, they must be left at the door of the premises of evaporation;
  10. It is advisable not to wear jewellery in the premises of evaporation;
  11. Parents are fully responsible for health and safety of their minors in the premises of the bathhouse;
  12. It is prohibited to enter the premises of the bathhouse if a person is ill with infectious dermatosis. If there is a need, a person supervising the bathhouse has a right to require to show a medical certificate; having not given it, he/she has a right not to let a person to the bathhouse;
  13. Every guest that is in the premises of the bathhouse is fully responsible for his/her health;
  14. It is strictly prohibited in the bathhouse to:
  • Damage inventory;
  • Drink alcohol, smoke;
  • Touch hot elements of the furnace of the bathhouse;
  • Pour flammable liquids or throw rubbish on the furnace;
  • Be not careful or cause danger to other people;




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